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Nima Tabari Fard

Unique Finance crypto ponzi scam in Iran

Unique Finance is the latest scam taking Iran by storm, taking advantage of economic difficulties in Iran and the desire of the youth to...
Trukkin logo

Trukkin raised $7M funding in series A investment

Logistic and supply chain company, Trukkin has raised it's series A investment round of $7 million from Saudi based Emkan Capital. Trukkin, founded in 2017...
Adam Wa Mishmish logo

Adam wa mishmish raised $475K seed funding

Arabic language Jordan based education platform Adam wa mishmish has raised $475,000 in a seed funding round. This ed-tech platform uses educational cartoons to...
Knack HR platform

Knack HR platform raised undisclosed seed investment

Flat6Labs in Bahrain has provided seed investment to UAE based HR platform Knack. This B2B platform was founded in Sharjah, UAE in 2020 by...
Opensooq logo

OpenSooq raised $24 M funding

OpenSooq with its HQ in Jordan raised $24 million funding lead by Saudi Jordanian Investment Fund (SJIF), FJ Labs, and iMENA Group. Open Sooq allows...