Arab Therapy raised $1million in funding round

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This funding round was led by Flat6Labs, Vision Health Pioneers ( German based incubator) and supported by a group of expat angel investors from the USA, EU, Australia, and KSA. Their investment underlines a shared commitment to improving mental health care quality and accessibility in our region.

Arab Therapy’s strategy for growth includes a strong focus on improving and augmenting the skills of their therapists. This improvement comes through detailed training programs, conducted by Arab doctors in Germany, covering various therapeutic techniques and cultural sensitivity, aligned with Germany’s high standards of care. Such professional development is crucial in ensuring that therapists can offer high-quality, empathetic, and individualized care to a varied clientele. This focus is particularly significant given the global shortage of well-trained Arabic-speaking therapists. As the demand for mental health services grows and social stigma diminishes, the need for skilled practitioners who can provide culturally relevant care is more important than ever.

Distinct from other platforms, Arab Therapy is not just a collection of therapists’ profiles but a cohesive service. It connects individuals with a range of licensed mental health professionals, including therapists, counselors, and psychiatrists. This approach emphasizes personalized care, effectiveness, and privacy, using technology to make mental health support more accessible and less stigmatized.

The recent investment will allow Arab Therapy to expand into new markets, targeting a broader and more diverse audience. This expansion is not just geographic but also includes adapting to the unique mental health needs of different regions, enhancing the relevance and accessibility of their services.

Additionally, Arab Therapy plans to initiate business-to-business (B2B) sales operations, aiming to collaborate with corporations, educational institutions, and healthcare providers. Through these partnerships, they intend to integrate their mental health services into employee wellness programs and other institutional support systems, thereby extending their reach.

Dr. Tareq Dalbah, Co-Founder and CEO of Arab Therapy. “This funding is crucial for expanding our reach and improving our technology, particularly in addressing the increasing mental health needs that have arisen during the COVID-19 pandemic and the war on Gaza.”