New investment in Bahrain’s Daleel by Hambro Perks Spring Studios

Daleel team

In 2022, Dania Alshowaikh, PK Shrivastava, and Ridaa Shah founded Daleel’s platform, and now broadcasted news reports that Hambro Perks Spring Studios has given them an undisclosed investment round. This Bahrain-based financial marketplace, Daleel, is a platform created to help consumers find the best financial products or compare them with each other. Also, it allows banks and financial institutions to find proper insights about how they can acquire customers more effectively. This recent investment enables Daleel to quicken its expansion initiatives in Saudi Arabia and the UAE.

MENA’s pioneering financial marketplace, Deleel, successfully has received an investment from Hambro Perks Spring Studios and Flat6Labs UAE, which are investiture builders supported by the Al Waha Fund of Funds. The platform aims to help to find the best financial products that suit clients’ needs. On the other hand, they help banks and financial institutions to have effective customer acquisition. Deleel wants to create a seamless connection to financial services to revolutionize the region’s financial landscape and enable both users and financial institutions equally.

The company’s CEO – PK Shrivastava, COO – Ridaa Shah, and CCO – Dania Alshowaikh, have a vision to decrease the gap between consumers and financial institutions and make personalized financial products in the region actual. PK’s second investment in the area and 4th in fintech is Daleel, which will have the stunning background of PK as the greatest open banking platform in MENA by its side. So, they will be ready to change and optimize the power of both sides, customers’ choices, and financial institutions’ client acquisition. Based on Daniel’s growth strategy, they need investment rounds to launch significant financial partnerships and allow them to expand their growth by investing in Saudi Arabia and the UAE expansion initiatives and secure an Open Banking license.

The CEO and co-founder of Daleel PK Shrivastava expressed his excitement by talking about the investment round they received from Hambro Perks Spring Studios and Flat6Labs. On the other hand, the head of HP Spring Studios, Zainab Khamis, has talked about their excitement about Daleel’s market launch in the MENA region and the impact of this transformative step on financial sectors. She added, “We firmly believe in Daleel’s innovative approach, which promises not only to empower consumers but also to stimulate considerable economic growth in the region. Our commitment to Daleel’s success symbolizes our dedication to fostering positive change and development in the region’s fintech landscape in Bahrain.”

Also, the General Manager of Flat6Labs UAE, Ryaan Sherif, expressed his pride by speaking of their support for Daleel company; “At Flat6Labs, our dedication to investing in FinTech companies that disrupt traditional paradigms is unwavering. This recent investment in Daleel exemplifies our belief in fostering innovation within the financial sector. By operating a marketplace with deep insights into consumer spending habits and leveraging open banking, Daleel ensures both financial institutions and consumers have access to the best offerings on the market.”