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It was announced that Mohsin Haider Darwish, one of the biggest and leading business houses in the Sultanate of Oman, has consented to an arrangement to turn into a huge investor in the popular worldwide online marketplace “”. This particular partnership will help speed up the platform’s client-centered mission to get one of the biggest cross-line web-based business marketplaces around there and that’s not all.

The official process was held at the MHD HD head office in Muscat on May 6. Addressing at the marking was its organizer and director, Nabeel Jawad Sultan, while Mohammed Abdallah Al Kharusi, the Chief Investment Officer of MHD-ITICS, endorsed for the benefit of MHD. Along with these lines, participation at the occasion had different participants as well from two different startups leading to a very professional team-up.

This popular marketplace a pioneering initiative Nabeel Jawad Sultan is a remarkable and imaginative worldwide online web-based marketplace and the reputation it holds clearly says a lot about it. The platform offers three center administrations from a platform for buyers and organizations all throughout the world for massive transactions. They work on both on web and apps.

The first of these columns, and the one that is at the actual heart of the platform, ‘The Nabay Mall‘ has been intended to bring to the lead organizations and vendors the opportunity to open their customized store, total with their own image character, inside a dynamic and different worldwide online shopping center for the most convenience.

Along with all the features, businesses are also given the full range of satisfactory services expected of a foundation of this type, including transaction passages, start to finish coordination store organization, and of course, verifying all of them. This, along with its simple estimating model, makes it very simple for basically anybody to take their business on the web, or even inside and out set up an all-new online business and that too in practically no time and for only a part of the expense and that’s not even all.

‘The Barter Exchange’, then again, permits clients to trade things with each other. It is a trade commitment that should be possible freely or inside the limits of private gatherings or specific parties. In conclusion, ‘The Plugged In’ column finishes the trinity by letting site proprietors plug their current sites straightforwardly into; in this manner extending their chances with a more noteworthy degree of worldwide openness and direct admittance to buyers.

“As we step into the next platform of our growth, though available globally, we are looking forward to focusing our marketing efforts into the Middle East, starting with the UAE. From here we will look towards establishing a strong foothold in KSA and eventually the rest of the Middle East. We are delighted to be backed by a group as renowned as MHD. Their investment will no doubt provide us with an enhanced strategic and competitive advantage in our endeavors. I am confident that with them beside us, it will only be a matter of time before we realize our full potential as the preeminent eCommerce platform in the region,” said Nabeel Sultan.

“While eCommerce is still a relatively small part of retail in the Middle East, it is poised for exponential growth in the coming years. As an innovative platform with an already strengthening online presence, is primed to win significant market share in the Middle East. This makes it an ideal partner for the next phase of our journey. Moreover, since its launch in mid-2020, has established itself as a prominent player with a strong, entrepreneurial leadership team whose ideals perfectly align with that of ours at MHD. This investment is in line with our strategy and goal to diversify our business, deepen our connections within the market, as well as create the next wave of retail innovation in the region. With this move, and backed by an ever-evolving tech-savvy customer base, incomparable brand equity, and long-standing relationships with top brands and retailers across the Middle East, we will work closely with to advance and redefine the online shopping ecosystem in the region. We are confident that the team’s expertise, combined with their user experience-focused approach, will provide customers with an unmatched shopping experience and set it on a path for unprecedented growth in the near future,” said, Mohammed Al Kharusi.