Zameeli raised funding via p2p

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Zameeli, which is located in Oman, is a platform to connect SMEs to local freelancers who plan to raise their equity crowdfunding with the help of “Mamun ” the Omani fintech.
Tariq Al Habsi and Aysha Alqmashouai founded the Zambezi in 2021. With the support of the Oman Technology Fund at its early start, it served as a community-driven platform for Omani tech talents and entrepreneurs.

The partnership between Mamun and Zameeli will enable Mamun to set up a requirement for launching its secondary market, which is expected to create new opportunities and chances for the Omani tech sector.
Zameeli is a creative platform with the aim of connecting Omani freelancers to SMEs and their first sultanate equity crowdfunding campaign, which was successfully concluded by Omani Fintech Mamun company. This is an important achievement for both Zameeli and Oman’s tech sector because Zameeli is now using its investment base to include freelancers and the community.

Early investments were received from the Oman Technology Fund (OTF) to Zameeli, and after that, they started to expand their investor circle, which included a vast range of investors thanks to Mamun. This aspect signifies how effective Mamun’s presence is to the startup’s appeal and how it opens up new doors for investment opportunities.
Zameeli has 1,369 registered clients, for example, prominent organizations including Omran and the Ministry of Information, and also a dynamic network of Omani freelancers with a population of 3,368 individuals; Zameeli is a leading company for Oman’s tech sector and its growing businesses. The development of Zameeli’s platform significantly affected the freelance economy within the sultanate.

As mentioned above, through the victorious cooperation between Mamun and Zameeli, Mamun can use this experience to prepare for its upcoming secondary market launch. It is expected to be a near feature because of the rising participation in Oman’s financial ecosystem, the proper conditions, and the encouragement for innovation in its tech sector.
The COO of Mamun, Mohammed al Tamami, informed in a press statement informed that the result of the company’s secondary market shows that there is a significant stride in creating a trustful investment ecosystem in Oman. Our mission is beyond just facilitating transactions; we plan to cultivate a culture of financial empowerment and harness the exceptional talent within our region. He added that The crowdfunding campaign that Mamun conducts for Zameeli shows how committed we are to strengthening the local freelancer economy and pioneering tech innovation. This will empower a trust-based investment community that can grow and change the landscape of Oman’s investment.
One of the Co-founder and CEO of Zameeli, Tariq al Habsi, insisted on their platform’s commitment to the community. “When Zameeli is starting its growth stage, our recent efforts are designed based on strategic fundraising to empower freelancers, who are our community’s heart. By assigning a part of the current raise, we can make sure that in the future, they will be able to get an advantage and contribute to this platform,” he said. He included Evolving Zameeli, a community-based platform where our freelancers can shape and share success, which is our desire. This participatory approach guarantees the company’s sustainability and resilience, and it’s also the reflection of our unity spirit and innovation, which is the definition of Oman’s tech sector and its businesses.

Mamun provides an excellent opportunity for both new and experienced investors. Their aim is to present pioneering equity and financing deals to investors that affect the enrichment of Oman’s tech sector and enterprises. This creative pivotal move will lead to creating and enhancing the culture of investment and trust in Oman and highlight the Zameeli-supported community-centric approach.