DIGGIPACKS raised pre-seed funding of $400K

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KSA’s DIGGIPACKS was founded by Amin Al-Atrash and Hasan Jabarti back in 2020. Amin Al-Atrash is already popular for several things with experience in logistics for 20 years along with last-mile, cold-chain, and even fulfillment sectors. He’s been having a goal to make a footprint within the same industry that goes without saying. As of now, DIGGIPACKS already covers more than 13 locations right in Saudi Arabia and that’s not all. They’ve already integrated themselves into the delivery business with multi-vendors from all over. Their startup even started integrating themselves and has already reached 30 last-mile companies to work within the market. Their current goal is to reach a number of 5 fulfillment centers within 2021.

“Within the Saudi market, there are more than 15 million E-commerce users, with an expected annual increase of new users within the next 3-5 years exponentially. This creates a huge operational challenge for last-mile delivery and fulfillment companies. DIGGIPACKS wants to enable the logistics partners to enhance the ecosystem as well as complete it with reliable partners,” said Hasan Jabarti, the co-founder, and CEO of DIGGIPACKS.

Their latest round will allow them to expand their technology further and capitalize along with growing their network and the sole purpose of their business which lies in delivery technology. They also aim to launch their new services within the GCC market along with Cloud Fulfillment and 4PL aggregator,