Xina AI raised $1M funding

Xina AI logo

The popular Arabic conversational AI platform from Jordan, Xina AI has managed to raise a $1M seed round and it was announced today. The seed round was led by Jordanian angel investors and a Qatari family office. The platform works by automating customer support queries with the world’s first-ever IVA, also known as Arabic Interactive Voice assistant. Xina AI plans to use the latest funding round to expand its reach into the Gulf region and bolster its property development.

After their successful launching in Jordan, Xina has plans to expand into the GCC by targeting Saudi Arabia, UAE, and Qatar with help from regional investors, alliances, and partnerships. The platform team is already working on enhancing their precision of the AI’s algorithm along with improving the integrations of more regional dialects including Levantine, Egyptian, and GCC which will surely boost the intellectual property system in no time.

Sari Hweitat, CEO and founder of Xina, explained, “AI-based spending in the region will increase at a compound annual growth rate of 19%. The investment will put us on the map of Arabic conversational AI.”

The tech management team at Xina has a sole purpose to spearhead the development of this IVA through its AI system that helps to solve subtle variances in accents and dialects from one speaker to the next. It also works by efficiently relying on local linguistic and behavioral preferences to optimize the Arabic-speaking customer experience.

Even though the platform is at its early stage, Xina AI has a big vision for the future of voice-powered AI technologies in the entire region and that’s not all. It pretty much vying to transform communication by providing Novel AI and speech recognition that can be used in day-to-day life. The innovative AI capabilities of the AI and with machine-learning tools, it has the potential to enhance the standard customer support model by transformations.