Ce-ventures doubles VC investments

Ce-ventures logo

The corporate funding foundation of UAE-based Crescent Enterprises, CE-Ventures has promised to pretty much increase its VC interests in new companies to reach $272M by next year and that’s not all. CE-Ventures has put more than $136M out of 32 new businesses and VC assets across the MENA locale, the U.S, India, and Southeast Asia since dispatching back in 2017. With its base camp in the UAE, Crescent Enterprises is a global organization working under four different working platforms for the most efficiency and that includes CE-Operates, CE-Invests, CE-Ventures, and CE-Creates. They’ve been crossing across various areas including food and refreshment, ports and co-ordinations, and green vehicle and verticals like private value, business, and strategic investing.

“When we launched CE-Ventures a few years ago, we outlined our vision to invest in transformational, purpose-driven entrepreneurs and their businesses. Our commitment to double down on new funds available for venture investment is testament to our conviction in the major social and economic impact of certain high-growth, tech-enabled businesses,” said CEO Badr Jafar.

CE-Ventures has put resources into various areas like fintech, energy-tech, foodtech, and SaaS organizations while using their high-development potential as a component of its market-driven speculation procedure. In the course of recent months, it has been working on worldwide firms including Tarabut Gateway, Hippo Insurance, China Union Pay, Nerdwallet, and Turtlemint. Dissimilar to other institutional VC vehicles, CE-Ventures doesn’t raise outer financing to make speculations. All things being equal, it contributes its own capital across various conditions of development, while also partnering up for new businesses and business visionaries across the globe and that’s not all. The VC platform goes past simple financing and helps worldwide new companies in their development and venture into the MENA area and on a global scale as well. Organizations in the CE-Ventures portfolio have effectively raised more than $1B of follow-on financing from leading startups on a global scale.