Alice Labs raised $500K in seed funding

Alice labs logo

It was announced that the Dhaka-based SaaS startup, Alice Labs has raised $500K up in a seed financing round. The startup offers a multi-channel client care answer for online organizations and that’s not all. The round was led by Anchor-less Bangladesh and joined by HOF Capital. It is the main outer subsidizing round for the startup that has remained bootstrapped since it was established in late 2018.

The lead product of  Alice Labs is MyAlice which is an online tool that helps online organizations like eCommerce sites providing smooth out client care by interfacing all their correspondence channels to it and deal with the discussions from a simplistic UI dashboard for the most convenience. As well as incorporating with correspondence channels, MyAlice additionally coordinates directly with the eCommerce site to smooth out all the store information in addition to client correspondence in one spot to offer better help to clients and help the companies to smoothen up their deals for the clients and so on.

And along with all the features, the platform lets them make a remote chatbot for instant responses to clients in a very small amount of time and it works on 70 percent of their client discussions. These response mechanisms are very helpful filled with cutting-edge AI with the chatbot offering reactions to clients at every possible opportunity and associating them with a live human admin for all the other things making it very easy for both clients and companies to maintain smooth communication levels.

As delineated in the model underneath, MyAlice associates a customary client with a free specialist with first concern which makes the customer care experience even better. It detects that the message is coming from a normal client on the grounds that the store information is incorporated into the platform itself. If there should be an occurrence of a furious client, the bot associates them with the best specialist quickly and when a habitually posed inquiry like merchandise exchange is asked, it sends a programmed reaction making it highly efficient at providing customer care satisfaction.

Using the information around past orders, already visited products, and items in the cart, the platform additionally assists organizations with selling more through up-selling and strategically pitching. It can even suggest similar items to them. The organizations can likewise set up mechanized subsequent meet-ups with clients to finish a deal and it benefits both sides.

The platform tool is at present accessible in three membership alternatives that include $50 each month for organizations with up to 500 month-to-month dynamic clients. The second plan is $300 for customers with up to 5K month-to-month dynamic clients, and custom evaluating for larger product handling which is even better for bigger retailers.

It was founded by Shuvo Rahman who has recently been working and delivering AI solutions for various Bangladeshi new businesses presently serves 50 eCommerce stores including huge FMCG customers like Unilever, Coca-Cola, and Nestle in South Asia and Southeast Asia. With the most recent assets, it intends to additionally venture into Southeast Asia and dispatch in the MENA region and that’s their current goal for now. For HOF Capital, the investment was led by their UAE-based accomplice Tala Al Jabri who will clearly assist Alice Labs with its extension in the Middle East and more specifically, in the MENA region.

A spokesperson of the startup said in a statement, “Through machine learning, MyAlice strives to decode the complex behavior of shoppers across different regions and help businesses better communicate with them in their native languages, allowing clients to offer highly targeted localized support and better cater to diverse consumer habit.”

“Over the past two years, we have refined our technology and product-market fit, developing a keen understanding of the challenges in the customer service space and unique solutions to address a wide range of client and consumer needs. With this momentum, we believe we can scale our growth across a few key markets through our highly targeted offerings. Both Anchorless and HOF Capital share our vision and can help us accelerate our growth not only through financing but also with key connections and market insights. We are truly grateful for their trust and support,” said its founder and CEO, Shuvo Rahman.

“Alice is a prime example of the growing opportunity we see in Bangladesh: Highly driven and disciplined founders like Shuvo are able to successfully leverage the country’s vast tech talent to build a cutting-edge product suitable for international markets. Alice Labs has an edge in being able to service markets that are often overlooked by larger global players,” said the Founding Partner and CEO at Anchorless Bangladesh, Rahat Ahmed.

“The company has managed to produce considerable traction with leading enterprises on a global scale already, and this capital infusion will only further augment Alice’s reach. HOF Capital is committed to supporting the company in realizing this growth through its strategic enterprise network,” said Tala Al Jabri from HOF Capital.