Nama Ventures launch $27M fund

Nama ventures logo

The popular funding firm Nama Ventures from the KSA has declared its launch of another $27M funds that have been raised from high-net-worth financier along with, institutional financial investors and even family workplaces. In spite of the fact that the asset will focus on new businesses in KSA, Nama Ventures will also proceed to help pre-seed and seed-stage new companies across the area and that’s not all.

The startup is led by Abdullah Alaraj and Mohammed Alzubi, the two Silicon Valley veterans in managing partners. This funding firm has a magnificent history with regards to speculation, something Alraj credits to the association’s marginally unique methodology and it keeps on saying a lot about it.

“For instance, we invest in teams and do not back solo-run startups. It’s our most important criteria. We also want to lead startups, along with their founders, helping the ventures to grow from a seed to a forest, rolling up our sleeves and pruning them to realize and reach their full growth potential,” said Abdullah Alaraj.

With the fresh fund, the platform will put resources into tech-empowered new businesses, following the pandemic’s effect on life along with other fintech platforms for expanding the business even further.