Quix drone delivery raised $800K

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It was announced that Quix, the popular Saudi Arabia-based on-demand delivery platform has raised SAR 3M which is roughly $800K pre-launch from more than 559 financial backers. The fund was raised through the crowdfunding platform Scooper. This carries the organization’s absolute post-evaluation to SAR 10.1M which is roughly $2.7M and it was confirmed by Scooper.

The startup on-request deliveries for its customers using drone innovation and that’s not all. It has been providing such a convenient on-demand delivery system since its founding by Majed AlHazmi. The new company’s customers incorporate foods, medicines, clothing, and dry-cleaning offices, just as vehicle cleaning administrations suppliers and that’s not all. It also allows the deliveries of homemade products created by Saudi families which is getting more praise day by day.  Quix plans to formally launch in KSA later this month.

Quix logo