Mindshift Capital invests in OtoNexus Medical Technologies

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The popular global, women-run venture firm Mindshift Capital has recently invested into the Series C raise of US-based OtoNexus Medical Technologies, perceived as one of the main US organizations at the cutting edge innovative solutions for infection controls.

The firm was founded back in 2019 by Caitlin Cameron who is the current CEO. OtoNexus has built up the world’s first ultrasound hand-held gadget to assess center ear infections easily for the most convenience for the patients and with the highest accuracy.

Ear diseases are the main reason why children need surgeries to take care of them and it’s a big thing for them too. And the current location is just around half in the critical separation of viral versus bacterial diseases which is hard to figure out. This new gadget improves the preciseness and effectiveness of detecting the results only in 2 seconds.

“This is an exciting investment for Mindshift Capital. Mindshift Capital invests in exceptional female-founded companies at the forefront of innovation in sectors such as Medtech. OtoNexus Medical Technologies is solving one of the biggest issues of our time – the overuse of antibiotics.

The pedigree of the founding team and momentum within the business is exceptional and we are proud to join OtoNexus’ investors. We are delighted to welcome Caitlin Cameron and the team into the Mindshift portfolio. We can see excellent international expansion opportunities and are looking forward to future success.

In addition, this investment is evidence of the high quality of deal flow that we are experiencing as a result of our investment focus across core sectors with female founders and Mindshift’s global networks,” said Founding Partner, Heather Henyon.

This particular investment is in the eighth position for Mindshift Capital in its debut reserve. and up until now, the investment literally spans through the US, Middle East, and Asia and that’s not all. The expansion of OtoNexus exhibits further development for the asset in getting interests in worldwide organizations and displaying the collective and dynamic reach of the double US and UAE headquartered partnership against other influencing co-investors.

“We are targeting a 50% reduction in the use of antibiotics for middle ear infections. This is a global problem and the investment from Mindshift Capital is recognition of the value of our unique technology, to empower the physician’s fight against overuse of antibiotics and improve the treatment of middle ear infections. Further global reach means that more healthcare practitioners and therefore families will benefit from our work.

The Mindshift team shows us how global collaborations from a gender-lens fund make a difference where it matters, in better healthcare for all. Working alongside a fellow female-founded team cements our shared commitment to bringing innovative technology to a world stage,” said the  CEO OtoNexus Medical Technologies, Caitlin Cameron.

OtoNexus Medical Technologies logo