YAS investments $100M venture debt fund

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The global fintech and fund manager Liquidity Capital has announced its latest joint venture with Yas Investments from Dubai. While being focused on financing Tech startups from the MENA region, this latest partnership will culminate in a Venture Debt Fund of $100 Million in Abu Dhabi’s global markets.

Venture Debt Investment is still a fully viable financing option as of now while the startups are exploring it. And along with that, The Yas Liquidity Fund is right now the most up-to-date initiative in this sector. This latest Venture Debt fund will be providing minimal-dilute growth financing options while being set to be sector-agnostic to Tech startups in the MENA region.

Since its foundation back in 2017, Liquidity Capital has been providing their offer tailored financing solutions very efficiently by combining proprietary machine learning technology with real-time data making it the most convenient solution provider.

“The Middle East is a real hotbed for innovation right now, but venture finance has historically not been open to technology businesses in the region. This means start-ups always had to trade equity to fund growth, which is a very expensive form of capital. We’re excited to be partnering with YAS Investments, together we can lead the charge to build a financial ecosystem for the region that will support tech innovation, attract highly skilled workers and help these promising companies expand globally – all while remaining compliant with Islamic finance laws,” said Ron Daniel, Founder, and CEO of Liquidity Capital.

As of now, it’s already been established how the UAE has been open to debt financing solutions. They’ve been working with startups like Dubai-based Sehteq to close in on Venture Debt Investments and that’s not all.

Yagub Yousef Alserkal, Founder and CEO of YAS Investments commented “We are delighted to partner with Liquidity Capital – a firm which brings together their incredibly powerful advanced predictive technology and global track record of deploying globally about USD 450m in high-profile start-ups such as E-Toro.”

Sachhyam Regmi, Partner at YAS Investments concludes, “This combined with our deep understanding of the region and track record will allow start-ups to access alternative forms of financing.”