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This year was the most successful year for Anghami in its noteworthy ascent by moving to Abu Dhabi and reporting its coming posting on NASDAQ New York which has made it MENA’s most anticipated and leading streaming platform and that’s not. And all that has quite recently declared the launch of ‘Live Radio’.

Live Radio streaming platform was created in-house by Anghami. It is accessible on iOS and Android has been named as an unrecorded music and voice insight, the first of its sort from any streaming platform in the world making it one of the most anticipated platforms around now.

Now using their social highlights infusion with a constant sound discussion experience, Live Radio pretty much allows content makers, influencers, and DJs to basically talk close by playing tracks, playlists, and even digital recordings. It basically allows clients the opportunity to make virtual occasions, where clients can cooperate with the host in various manners, and Anghami is trusting that this can have an impact in building networks around audience members and content makers which is convenient in every way.

“The social elements of music have always been part of our vision. In fact, ‘live radio rooms’ were part of our original business pitch in 2011, as we saw the opportunity for social audio features to take off. Having been integrating social features such as stories and chats since 2017, now we are leading the way in delivering the next level of social audio to our users and our contributors. With the pandemic keeping people at home and apart, the intimacy of voice and the need to be closer to others has become more valuable and we expect to see the social audio market realize significant growth,” said Anghami co-founder, Elie Habib.

Live Radio isn’t totally new because they’ve already launched in beta back in September 2020, during which Saab and co. mentioned some fascinating objective facts and goals along with their strategies. That included dynamic social clients having a 30% higher degree of consistency and social clients streaming 33% more normal day-by-day seconds than a standard dynamic client – which is the place where Live Radio comes in, overcoming an issue that Anghami has rushed to follow up on but that’s already been taken care of.

“Anghami has an established track record and user base which continues to help us build and leverage our wide range of consumer behavioral data to create local experiences. Our beta launch displayed how focusing on creating communities and adding interaction has been our best strategic asset, boosting engagement and retention – and a tribute to the region and the music that brings it together,” Saab added to the comment.

The platform takes care of itself with its own AI algorithms engaging performers and content makers. The most self-evident and quick way it did this was by authorizing the Arab music streaming business sector despite long periods of piracy-related issues which kinda plagued the industry. The organization has continually hoped to work with specialists and content makers with an end goal to improve the up-and-coming age of movers and shakers – and Live Radio just serves to add fuel to that. Their launch of Premium Love Radio and tokens make the way for clients to make membership which will keep the stream flowing for the platform which is amazing.

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